Personal Transformation

Want to Transform Your Life?

Life Transformation !!Do you want to fill your life with success and happiness? Do you want to move from a Good Life to an Extra-ordinary Life? Do you want to achieve Excellence in your profession or business? Sajeev Nair has helped thousands of people to unlock their hidden talents, ignite their infinite potentials and live an extra-ordinary life

Sajeev Nair is the Founder of ‘Thought Process Re-engineering’ (TPR), the most scientific human transformational program created by converging the principles of neuro-science, quantum physics and spirituality. In the last 10 years thousands of entrepreneurs and senior executives and people from all walks of life have gained massive upside on their performances by following the principles of TPR.
More than a million people have undergone his Peak Performance workshops and Seminars. Thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals dedicate their success in life to the Personal Coaching they had received from Sajeev
Companies who have benefitted from his peak performance interventions include Kenya Airways, Consolidated Shipping Services, Le-Meridian, South Indian Bank, State Bank of Travancore, Geojit Securities, Hages Business Solutions Inc, Malayala Manorama, JoyAlukkas, Grand Mart Group, Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club, Amway Corporation etc.
Sajeev Nair is a Peak Performance Coach and Business Strategist who is committed to create positive and progressive transformations in people and organizations. His experience as a Serial Entrepreneur, having successful ventures in Hospitality, Wellness, IT, Management Consulting and Social Enterprise makes his interventions totally practical result oriented
Personal Transformation
Peak Performance Convention

A scientific Rapid Transformation Program for igniting the infinite potential inside you

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Thought Retreat
Based on 'Thought Process Re-engineering' TPR (TM)

An ultimate Transformation Experience conducted at some of the best locations in the world.

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Sajeev Nair School of Ultimate Success Mastery

This is a course designed by Sajeev Nair with objective of creating ultimate success and happiness in all areas of life

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Train the Trainers Workshop & Boot camp

Be a Celebrity Trainer and charge Lakhs of Rupees per Day for your Training sessions

Be a Charismatic Leader who gets following from lakhs of people

Be a Visionary Entrepreneur and lead a billion dollar enterprise

Be a Next Gen Teacher and get recognized globally

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