Enhance the Happiness Quotient

I am always fascinated with the subject of Happiness; who will not! Some times I feel Happiness is the most mysterious word; as every person has a different definition for this one word. One thing I see as common is; people consider happiness as a desirable goal and they are always striving for it. They forget the fact that happiness is just an emotion and it can be experienced at any point of time.

My studies in Neuro Science opened up a new world of happiness wisdom. The greatest realization is that there is a science behind happiness. Happiness can be synthesized! I and along with a team of Happiness Experts have created a bunch of Happiness initiatives for Workplaces and Schools. We prove through our programs that happiness is the sure shot way to boost performance

Happiness Workshops

High power Result oriented Workshops and Retreats to enhance the Happiness Quotient of the employees. These workshops are followed by a proper follow up sessions and Happiness Index measurements. Hence offers tangible results


Thought Process re-engineering (TPR) for higher Happiness Quotient

Target group – Top Management

Based on years of research. Sustainable positive changes in the thought process are created using scientific methodology by combining some of the principles of neuro science, quantum physics and spirituality. TPR unwires the limiting beliefs and create new neural wiring for higher level of creativity and success. The most scientific approach towards creating sustainable happiness in profession and life

  • Practical steps to manage stress and fight depression
  • Practice happiness in the present moment by managing emotions
  • Bring in more creativity and innovation in business and life
  • Break limiting thoughts, bad habits and wrong beliefs. Creating thoughts, habits and beliefs for positivity and Happiness
  • Experience the power of Dhyana (meditation) and Manifestation
  • Equips to live for a greater Purpose or and Extra Ordinary Goal

Happiness through Work-Life Balance

Target Group – Senior/Middle/Junior Managers

Happiness in life can be achieved only by doing the best in all the roles one needs to play; ie in the areas of Personal, Professional, Financial, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual. All these combined becomes a Life Wheel. Happiness can be achieved only when one balances this life wheel. This workshop empowers people with practical methods and tools to balance their life

  • Derive happiness by balancing family and professional life
  • Lead a life of Happiness by contributing in all departments of life
  • Achieving goals in all departments of life: health, wealth, intellectual, social and spiritual
  • Enhance leadership effectiveness in Personal and Professional Life
  • Boost up confidence levels to face any challenges in life and turn the challenges into opportunities
  • Creating a Vision, Mission and Purpose for the Life.

Sell with Happiness

Target Group – Senior/Middle/Junior Managers

Selling has always been a high pressure activity. However, our experience in working with many large sales teams has proven that people sell more when they are doing it with pleasure. It is scientifically proven that Happy sales people sell 37% more (Harvard Business Review). We custom make various sales happiness workshop based on the need and the target group

  • How to create the Mindset of a Super Sales Leader
  • Re-engineering on Attitude & Self Image to create a happiness state
  • How to break the barriers in Prospecting
  • Highly effective Presentation and Articulation Techniques
  • The Art of Closing the Sale
  • Making the Customers, ‘Raving Fans’ of your Brand
  • Proven Techniques to Create and Maintain a High Productive Team
  • Team Dynamics and Conflict Management Techniques
  • Steps to Enhance Leadership Skills
  • Proven Techniques to Keep Your Team Highly Motivated.

Customer Happiness Workshops

Target Audience
Executives, Managers, Salespeople, Customer Service Representatives, Professionals who work as Technical Support, Hot Line, or Help Desk, Professionals who work on a Team, Operators, Receptionists, Administrative or Sales Assistants, Everyone in a Customer Focused Organization

Most of the Companies are good at creating customers; but they are bad at keeping them. This is called “Hole in the Bucket” phenomenon. This program will help you to close that hole. It takes months and years to create a new customer, but it takes seconds to lose one. This program is aimed at enabling you to keep your customers for life-time.

The Sales and Marketing bring customers through the front door, poor Customer Service throws them through the back door. Whoever is facing this challenge needs to participate in this program this has all the answers.

  • Learn the golden rules of customer happiness
  • Deal with complaints and handle objections effectively
  • Understand the difference between features, benefits and matching benefits
  • Develop a best practice for customer relations
  • Use a pro-active customer care approach to identify problems and opportunities
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Greater confidence when taking incoming calls
  • Telephone 'etiquette' when answering, holding or transferring calls
  • Understand the importance of customer care in relation to incoming calls
  • How to handle complaints in a positive way



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