Left Brain-Right Brain effect on Business

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Nothing is more important in today’s rapidly changing business environment than ‘applying your brain.’ To succeed, an entrepreneur should be more adaptive, responsive, and innovative than ever before. Assessing situations quickly, and developing novel solutions have become a requirement. Differentiating your self, your product or your organization is essential–and requires creative thinking. 

To get innovative solutions you need to break certain patterns of thinking which are already there. If you approach a new situation with your habitual thinking, it’s impossible to generate new ideas, visions or solutions. At the neural level, thinking means electrical impulses between certain neurons. There are neural connections or pathways connected with every thought. Thinking in novel ways requires new connections within the brain. New thinking requires pattern breaking. Research shows that by actively engaging the brain’s capacities from both hemispheres, you have a larger “playing field” from which to create.

The “left brain” organizes what already exists and thinks linearly. There is a sequential, analytical process toward a specific outcome. The often overlooked (but not less important) “right brain” imagines what can be and thinks in nonlinear interconnections. It has immediate access to insights and novel connections. Cultivating the use of both sides leads to breakthrough leaps and the ability to think on your feet under pressure.

I am giving you a test to make yourself aware whether you are an RB strong person or a LB strong person. The words in the left hand column are typically associated with the “left brain thinking,” and the words in the right hand column are typically associated with “right brain thinking.” These are general words used to get you thinking about the habitual thinking patterns you use to approach your work. Highly successful businessmen have got both the sides strong; means they are innovative at the same time analytical. The more integrated your brain hemispheres are, the more effective you will be at generating elegant solutions and developing new solutions. When you go through these words you will realize how much integrated both sides of your brain are. Most individuals and most organizational cultures lean more toward one side or the other. Quickly scan the list for the words that apply to you in your work. Don’t think about it—go by initial instinct. Keep track of how many words in each column describe you. You don’t have to choose between the 2 columns – just check off each word that speaks to you as part of your own process, even if they seem opposite. For example, you may find you already use both rational and intuitive thinking in your work. If so, check both.

Left Brain   Right Brain  

Rational/ Logical
Details/ Data
Facts & Figures
See in parts
Facts & Figures
Content focused
Always ask ‘How’


Intuitive/Gut feel
Big Picture
Visual/Kinesthetic (Touch, feel)
See in whole
Story telling
Context focused
Always think ‘why’ and ‘what’


To become really successful in business one needs to be a whole-brain person. One needs to be innovative and imaginative and at the same time practical and analytical. Means, you need to be a whole brain person. If you are a LB strong person, is there a way by which you can strengthen your RB? If you are a very creative person living in imaginations finding it tough to implement things practically, is there a way by which you can enhance the LB. YES.

In the next post I will be giving you some simple practical exercises to strengthen the weaker side of you brain and to integrate both sides so as to attain whole-brain thinking.


Is your Right Brain working Right? Is your Left Brain totally Left out?

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You may be wondering why you are unable to tally the monthly house expenses! You find yourself forgetting numbers and figures all the time; sometime even fear whether you have amnesia. But at the same time when you hear that old song of Mohamed Rafi, you exactly remember the movie and even the scene. Why is it so? Why most of the good artists fail in business? Why a good accountant cannot sit for a classical music concert for more than half an hour?

To understand this you need to understand how the brain of an artist is different from an accountant’s brain. Human Brain has got two hemispheres: Left and Right. Left hemisphere controls right motor (movements) and sensory activities. Reacting, language, and handwriting are all located here. It has the centers for speech and hearing. While Right hemisphere controls left motor and sensory activities and is the location of special relationships, artistic expression, and visualization.

Left Brain (LB) is linear. Means it processes information from part to whole – takes pieces, lines them up, and arranges them in a logical order, then it draws conclusions. While Right brain (RB) is holistic. It processes information from whole to part – starts with the answer and sees the big picture, not the details, first.

LB is sequential. It is a list maker and would enjoy making a master schedule and doing daily planning. It completes tasks in order and takes pleasure in checking them off when they are accomplished. While RB is not sequential. It flips from one task to another. Gets many things done but without having addressed priorities.

LB is very comfortable in processing symbols such as letters, words, and mathematical notations. It is good at memorizing. While RB wants to see, feel, or touch real objects. Prefers to see words in context and how formulas work. It Prefers connectedness.

LB is very logical while RB is intuitive. LB makes decisions based on logic – proof. It prefers to do things, which are planned and structured. It prefers established, definite information and prefers talking and writing. Instead of open ended questions it prefers multiple choice tests. RB makes decisions based on gut feeling – what “feels” right. It is fluid and spontaneous and prefers elusive, uncertain information. Prefers drawing and manipulating objects. It likes to deal with open ended questions. While LB is expert in finding differences RB always find resemblances.

While LB finds expressing things verbally as the easiest and effective way, RB knows what something means but often has trouble finding the right words. It needs to back everything up visually – write things down.

LB is reality-based and deals with things the way they are. It always wants to know the rules and follow them. It easily adjusts with the environment. RB is Fantasy-Oriented or we can say creative. It finds difficult to follow the rules or go by the book. It remembers well anything he/she becomes emotionally involved in during the learning process.

Now tell me, are you a Right Brain person or a Left Brain person? In fact, if you have an awareness about this fact, you will know what kind of a profession or job is ideal for you. If you can identify whether your child is Right Brain strong or Left Brain strong, you may be able to guide him/her on the future path.

Tips to Beat Stress at Work

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I often come across people who complain that their work is full of stress. I am sure anyone who works and who has work to do, will have stress and would have come across a situation that is stressing. Do not worry or panic if you have stress, that is absolutely a NORMAL thing. When I say that stress is normal, everyone is quite surprised and I will still stick on to the same point that Stress is absolutely “normal”. Why do I call stress, a normal thing?

- It is an indicator that the particular work is vital at that point of time
- It gives an extra boost to do the job quickly
- Sometimes, stress does help you arrive at faster and smarter decisions, based on your
past experiences
- Stress is one factor that reminds you that you are at work.
How positive stress can be! Eustress can do a lot of good to you. But stress, if utilized in a wrong way can be harmful and dangerous.

All I ask you to do is, train yourself well at usual times to perform effectively at stress. Today some tips to beat negative stress at work. These tips have been tested scientifically with many people across countries, across cultures and across ages and they have proved to be successful.

1 . Don’t panic that the situation at stress. Think that it is a normal one. Tell yourself that there’s nothing to worry.

2 . Talk with your colleague about the stress and make a joke out of it. Fun is the best de-stresser.

3 . Take two minutes to get out of the work station, it may be the rest-room where you can wash your face or it can be outside the room where you get new air.

4 . Do not smoke. People think that smoking de-stresses, but science says, it adds up to the stress. Instead of smoking, you can think of cold water.

5 . If you feel that one particular aspect of the workstation is adding up to the stress, try getting rid of it. It may be that pending file which requires attention later. Keep it out of sight.

6 . Clean or organize your desk. This has proved to be very effective, because when you organize your desk, you indirectly telling your mind to organize it’s thoughts. That will reduce the workload to half.

7 . Play music. But only if you are comfortable. The music should not become a noise to you and it should not leave you stressed more. If you are a person who thinks that music is soothing, play soft ones.

8 . Art therapy can be a great way to beat stress. By art, I don’t mean you to draw great paintings or do pottery etc., (If you have those talents and if you can bring out something in two mins, you can). You can just scribble on the paper and make a shape out of it. This has proved to be therapeutic.

9 . Split the stressing work into fragments. Take one by one.

1 0 .Take a power nap. Works wonders

These are some of the very effective tips. These may sound ordinary, but have given extra ordinary results to many people.

Finally, I want to tell you that, stress is necessary. You just need to use it in a very constructive way. Exploit stress and you will be the most productive person at work.

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