Action or Feeling, which comes first?

Written Sajeev Nair, 7th April 2017 | Category: Happiness | Comments: 0

One of my friends who work as an HR Head of a company called me after reading the story about me in Daccan Chronicle.  I was portrayed as a happiness coach in this story and I had stated that happiness is a choice and it can be synthesized.  His point of view was ‘we act the way we feel’ and hence it is impossible to act happy when we feel the other way around.  This could be something, which many people are subscribing to. One of the most helpful insights I had learned in my happiness research is that &l...


Goodness of Direct Selling got Recognized

Written Sajeev Nair, 14th September 2016 | Category: General | Comments: 0

On September 10th 2016, when the Central Govt declared a proper Legal guidelines for the Direct Selling/Network Marketing industry, India has given birth to a new era for the free enterprise model. Let me thank the leaders and the industry bodies like IDSA, FICCI, FDSA etc who have been fighting for this for the past 5 years. Kerala had witnessed the worst for not having a proper guideline and regulation for the industry. As there were no proper guidelines or regulations, many fast money schemes came up claiming that they were al...


Invest in Your Passion

Written Sajeev Nair, 2nd July 2016 | Category: Business Coaching | Comments: 0

It is quite exciting to see the upsurge of entrepreneurial spirit in India.  People, especially the youth, are keen to start their own ventures.  Thanks to the Start Up India mission.  Should appreciate the media also for highlighting the start up success stories. However, the flip side is that there are lots of people losing money in this bargain investing into ‘wrong businesses.’  Question is, what is a ‘wrong business.’   Two types of people approach me and Bramma for start up a...