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welcome to my virtual home. The purpose of this website is to bring a positive transformation to the lives of people and thereby in organizations and the society at large. I need your support and ideas to achieve this mission. Let's all work together to make this world a better place to live in…

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workshops & seminars

Sajeev Nair Workshops


Sajeev Nair founded the most powerful Neural Level Re-Programming, called Thought Process Re-engineering after doing a thorough research for more than 6 years. TPR is helping thousands of people to Come out of Phobias, to have High Level of Confidence and Self Image, to break all the mental barriers and to Truly Manifest One's Dream Life. He has converged some of the NLP techniques also to in...

coaching & consulting

Sajeev Nair Workshops

Coaching and Consulting is meant for entrepreneurs/business owners and CEOs/Decision Makers. All athletes got a coach. All successful business persons got a coach. In some cases the coach is termed a consultant. Normally a consultant just gives advices. A coach not only gives advices, but work with the client to execute the plan.

Sajeev Nair along with a team of consultants/coaches have been supporting may businesses to grow many...


Sajeev Nair Workshops

Sajeev Nair is a celebrated author.  His Malayalam Books; “Vijayamanthrangal’ published by Dhanam and ‘SrushtikaamNingaludeLokam’ published by MalayalaManorama were best sellers.  ‘Tathaastu,’ an English non-fiction was in the top best sellers list of FlipKart for more than six months.?? ’PadaikalamUnkaludeUlakathe’ his first Tamil book also became a best seller.



Sajeev Nair Workshops

Sajeev Nair is a Serial Entrepreneur having interests in Wellness, IT, Hospitality and Direct Selling. Some of his ventures are:

Sajeev Nair co-founded Wellness Solutions with Dr A Sreekumar, an internationally acclaimed Integrated Healthcare Practitioner. This was started with a mission to provide Three Dimensional Health (3D Health) to people by working on their Mind, Body and Spirit so as to prevent degenerative diseases. ...